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Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial umbrella insurance is a type of liability insurance for your business that provides an extra layer of coverage above and beyond the limits of your primary liability insurance policies.

It’s like an umbrella that shields your business from various risks and helps protect your assets in case of large claims or lawsuits if your business faces a liability claim, such as a customer getting injured on your premises or a product or service you’ve sold causing harm.

Your primary liability insurance policy will cover expenses up to its predetermined limit. If the claim amount exceeds that limit, this is where commercial umbrella insurance steps in.

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Assess your business’s risks and assets. When selecting commercial umbrella insurance, it’s crucial the policy’s coverage limits align with your business’s potential risks and assets. The extra coverage should provide meaningful protection without overextending your budget.

Why Do You Need It?

Commercial umbrella insurance kicks in when your primary insurance is exhausted, extending your coverage and potentially covering hefty costs like legal fees, medical expenses, and settlements. Here’s why we believe having it is a smart move:

How we can help

Our goal is to make sure you can sleep at night and that your Tucson business is shielded from unexpected bumps on the road.

Once we’ve got the details about your business’s operations, potential risks, and your existing liability coverage, we’ll guide you through your additional insurance options. From explaining coverage limits to extending your existing liability policies to exploring the scenarios where it could be a game-changer, think of Spark as your umbrella experts, helping you navigate the ins and outs of this extra layer of coverage.

Budget in mind? No worries – we’ll work with you to find a policy that aligns with your financial goals. Our aim is to ensure your business has the protection it needs without stretching your budget thin.

So, whether you’re a small local business or a larger enterprise in Southern Arizona, we’re your local insurance “sherpas” – guiding you up the mountain of uncertainty, so you can tackle challenges head-on and without the headaches.

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